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well, I think you´re right, even knowing that some content is outdate
its inevitable that you end working in someplace that still uses it.
But I think maybe LPI could less foucus on this kind of content and
inject new things, like postfix (sendmail evolution?).... but who am i
to tell what they must do? I think the LPI exam is a very good, maybe
the best certification a linux administrator must have.... my 2

On 11/8/05, Dimitrios Bogiatzoules <taki at lpi.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> nice discussion! Let me add my 3 Eurocents...
> I do not believe that braindumps can be avoided in any way. Talking
> general people tend to take the easiest way even if it is the wrong one in
> the long term.
> What can be done by LPI is to make life for braindumbers as difficult as
> possible. The way Evan mentioned would work if we could provide 3000
> *realy different* items. Given the restrictions to our objectives there
> will be a limit lower than the 3000...
> What *you* can do is to inform us when you hear/see braindumps! (I
> regulary check forums/cheater sites/commercial braindumps but I can't be
> everywhere :) )
> Anselm Lingnau sagte:
> > ross e. brunson wrote:
> [...]
> > Even experienced Linux/Unix people sometimes seem to think that much of
> > the
> > stuff required for LPIC is so outdated as to be ridiculous, and that
> > passing
> > an LPIC exam consists in part of learning how to handle things that in the
> > real world one would not want to touch with a 10' pole, such as NIS,
> > ipchains, Majordomo or Sendmail, just on the off-chance that the exam will
> > zero in on those. This creates an »us vs. them« situation that again may
> > suggest to some folks that learning brain dumps rather than wasting time
> > actually fooling around with obsolete pieces of software that may be
> > difficult even to locate and install on one's 2005 Linux PC is a more
> > efficient way of getting the certificate.
> May I remind you that we are updating our objectives and that *you* can
> add you comments? We know about the issues with "outdated" objectives and
> therefore we offer an official feedback page where you can add your
> comments.
> As long as the most feedback doesn't tells us we're wrong with our
> objectives we cannot change them. We have to test "ancient" knowledge
> because it's still used in real life and even you say NIS is outdated I
> know a company that migrated from NIS to LDAP and the LPIC who did that
> job had to know both...
> Please help us identify the "obsolete pieces of software" with a good
> explanation why they should be removed/replaced in our objectives and I
> promise your input won't be a waste of time.
> As said above I like the discussions here but we will consider only
> detailed comments about a specific objective through our tool. General
> comments are welcome for the overall view on our certification but do not
> help to improve an objective.
> Regards,
> Taki
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