[lpi-discuss] how about LPIC-2 ?

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Tue Nov 8 09:31:32 EST 2005

Dimitrios Bogiatzoules wrote:

>I do not believe that braindumps can be avoided in any way. Talking general people tend to take the easiest way even if it is the wrong one in the long term.
Agreed, especially when the purpose of certification is to get to some
milestone (requirement of getting a job or raise, etc.) which the
candidate believes is unrelated to skill.

I haven't seen it, but someone told me that there's a braindump of the
RHCE making the rounds. That is, there is a set of rote instructions of
what to do in response to the requirement of completing a specific task.
If there are a small number of different tasks I guess this can be done.
I was little surprised that hands-on tests can be dumped but I guess
anything can be accomplished when the will (and perhaps the financial
incentive) exists.

>What can be done by LPI is to make life for braindumbers as difficult as possible. The way Evan mentioned would work if we could provide 3000
>*realy different* items. Given the restrictions to our objectives there will be a limit lower than the 3000...
I'm not sure about that (the need that the 3000 items be *really*
different for the variety to be effective). Dumpers can be thrown off if
the details of the items changes; "clone" items can indeed offer useful
defence. Also, often just rearranging multiple-choice answers or the
order of the items themselves can help against the laziest dumpers.

- Evan

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