[lpi-discuss] LPIC-3

Ross E. Brunson ross at brunson.org
Thu Nov 10 16:53:23 EST 2005

I passionately believe that we should be focusing our energy on making
Level 1 the cert that anyone who wants to participate in the IT world
HAS to get, to prove they are competent and worthy of hire, (yes I know,
experience counts, but see my previous postings about how people who
DONT HAVE the experience and are hiring need an independent metric
called certification) and not worry about Level 4 or even the existence
of such a level.

It will naturally follow that less amounts of people will graduate
through to Level 2, but that is ok, there needs to be levels to graduate
through, the mind of man/woman is much better served in small measurable
steps than in one long event.

I can't remember any certification structure that has ever gone over 3
levels, RHCT->RHCE->RHCA comes to mind as a 3-tier, MCP->MCSA->MCSE is
another, the old Sair LCP->LCA->LCE is an example of how not to try to
build levels, certification in this space isn't "If you build it they
will come" it's "because there is a need, you build it and keep changing
and improving it as more and more people come into the market."


tj wrote:

>Hi, Maginot J¨²nior
>I think, maybe, there will not be LPIC-4 in the future.
>LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 is about the administration of linux and enterprise
>based-linux network.
>LPIC-3 is about the security of linux and the related network.
>Contents of 1 to 3 level should be very comprehensive.
>So I can't think out which aspect of linux the LPIC-4 can be related.
>>Lets talk a little about LPIC-3 .... anyone have any idea of when it will 
>>be available? How the development is going and what kind of content may 
>>have on lpi nivel 3 certification, what you think that MUST have on the 
>>content? LPIC-4 someday in far future or this will never happen? 
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