[lpi-discuss] LPIC-3

Ross E. Brunson ross at brunson.org
Fri Nov 11 02:13:44 EST 2005

TJ, in the immortal words of Mork from Ork,

"That is Humor, Arrr, Arrr"......

Bryan is kidding, and you should always take Bryan with a grain of salt,
he's an engineer, and prone to seriousness, in contrast to us
Comedy-Channel-based life forms.....


P.S. Bryan, poor guy, your one shot at humor (this month) and pretty
funny, but you single-handedly started a whole new thread about Level
4.... LOL

tj wrote:

>On 11/10/2005, Bryan J. Smith <b.j.smith at ieee.org> wrote:
>>But you can be certified LPIC-4 today!
>>Just send check or money order to LPI c/o Bryan J. Smith,
>>Oviedo, FL ... @-ppp
>>Your very own LPIC-4 certificate should arrive in 4-6 years.
>But it looks that there is not any introduction about LPIC-4 on lpi.org.
>What are the objectives of level 4 exam?
>Is there any details information of it?
>And the level 3 exam is not very generally, at least in China.
>I don't know the condition of level 3 or 4 exams in North America or Europe.
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