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Dimitrios Bogiatzoules taki at lpi.org
Fri Nov 11 11:52:50 EST 2005

Hi Alan,

Alan McKinnon said the following on 11.11.2005 13:33:
> Practicum exams are very problematic though. I've always maintained 
> that the Linux industry needs both CBT and PBT, but they do fall into 
> two distinct areas, with some grey spots in the middle.
> PBT can't work independant of an implementation - you have to have a 
> real Linux system running to do the test. Therefore PBT is best for 
> vendor taining, and excellent for testing candidates on a specific 
> vendor AND version.

You managed to confuse me :)

We use the term PBT for Paper Based Tests and you can imagine me
wondering reading the above ;)

I suppose this is the start for next acronym definition competition (ADC
(TM) )...

Best regards,

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