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Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Sat Nov 12 09:24:54 EST 2005

On Fri, 2005-11-11 at 11:59 -0600, Paul Tader wrote:
> (in the context of instructor lead certification courses):
> Well, most of them.  It's like deciding to complete a Microsoft
> certifications but one training vendor tells you that they haven't
> finished the MCSE course, sure you can get the MCP,
>  or the Novell CNE class isn't written, sure you can get the CNA, or
> finding out the CCIE cert isn't ready, but you can test for the CCNA.
> Sure, there are "break points" but then the student thinks, "I know
> it's out there, but are they working on it?  Does this certification
> have any momentum?"  Remember, these are fresh Linux hacks, they
> haven't watched Linux grow like you or I.  (yea, yea, I know the
> mentioned certs are probably out of date - so take yourself back 8 -
> 1-0 years please.)

No offense, but your analogy -- professionally speaking -- "sucks."

The MCP is 1 exam.  The MCSA is 4 exams.  The MCSE is 8 exams.
The CCNA is 1 exam.  The CCNP is 5 exams.  The CCIE is 1 practicum.

LPIC-1 is 2 exams.  LPIC-2 is 4 exams.

Don't compare the existence of LPIC-2 to the MCP.  It's not even close!

LPI has did a great job of completing through the LPIC-2 within a couple
years of existence.  And since so many people haven't completed LPIC-2,
it makes no sense for them to worry about LPIC-3 yet.

> Not my point.  I have to ask my boss, government, bank account to
> training $$ for a Linux course 'cause I think it's the next big thing.
> Not to mention the hours I need to invest going to class, working the
> courseware, etc.  Because I have to go through that trouble, which
> vendor/certification is going to reward me?

I don't get your drift at all.

First off, some of us spent our _own_ $8,000 taking just exams with *0*

Secondly, LPI provided 4 exams in its very first few years.  I don't
know what the problem is.  It's _not_ 1 exam like the MCP or CCNA.  It's
4 exams of an _entire_ "junior to senior" admin track.

> As a student I've completed Microsoft, Novell, Sun, and Oracle
> training ( and now I instruct LPI classes).  Before I  began a new
> study I looked at the entire certification track and had a clear road
> map of the classes to achieve that finally goal, either for myself or
> for my employer, but the road map was complete.
> My concern is that "we" might lose students to other vendor because of
> the incomplete 3rd track.  

I don't.  Because the majority of students aren't even opting for the
LPIC-2 track.

Look at the statistics.  ;->

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