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Almost all of objective 101 is tied to PC architecture. It isn't just 
BIOS. It's implicit in winmodems and a bunch of other stuff. Whiule Linux, 
once booted, could run on an x86 system without using a BIOS, I doubt LILO 
or GRUB would do so. I think we shouldn't tinker at this level without 
taking a harder look at the whole hardware and architecture topic. There 
are things that need to be in the topic before this, some of which I've 
raised before.

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lpi-discuss-bounces at lpi.org wrote on 10/10/2005 09:20:13 PM:

> Y'all been pretty quiet lately, so here you go.  How about comments on
> this objective idea?
> Comment on Objective 1.101.1:
> "Not all systems on which Linux runs even have a BIOS. I would restate
> the objective to include the phrase "on systems which have a BIOS". As
> stated, "the system BIOS", can be read to be naive."
> Before you begin, know that while we may not explicitly state it, we
> tend to cover only x86 architectures in servers and workstations which
> means the vast majority of boxes will have a BIOS.  Of course other
> architectures and oddball embedded systems may not.  Never mind things
> like the Linux BIOS project.
> Fire away, what do you think?  Should we incorporate this idea as is or
> modified in some way or drop this fast?  Is it a given that the BIOS
> questions refer to systems that have a BIOS?
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