[lpi-discuss] Hosting an Exam Lab event - what does it take?

Scott Lamberton scottl at lpi.org
Wed Oct 19 13:09:05 EDT 2005

David Horton wrote:
> Hi,
> A college in my area has expressed an interest in hosting an Exam Lab
> event.  What are the procedures for getting this type of thing rolling?


At the most simplest all that is required is a proctor (someone trained
and accredited by LPI personnel), interested candidates, and a room
where the test is offered.

The greatest difficulty is frequently access to a proctor.  If a proctor
has to travel long distances to attend the event than test revenues have
to cover their travel/lodging expenses.

Fortunately our global network of proctors is growing.  In addition, if
your "area" expects to have multiple events it may be worthwhile for LPI
personnel to attend the first event and train proctors for subsequent

To get the proverbial ball rolling have your colleague contact Glenn
McKnight, Director of Operations, at glenn at lpi.org.  Glenn will be able
to determine if there is proctor in the area and/or if the expected
number of exam candidates warrant having a proctor travel to the event.

Thanks for your interest!


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