[lpi-discuss] Hosting an Exam Lab event - what does it take?

Alan McKinnon alan at linuxholdings.co.za
Wed Oct 19 14:53:11 EDT 2005

On Wednesday, 19 October 2005 18:40, David Horton wrote:
> Hi,
> A college in my area has expressed an interest in hosting an Exam
> Lab event.  What are the procedures for getting this type of thing
> rolling?

Hi Dave,

I've done this myself a time or three, so I can give some tips. The 
most important one:

All you need are candidates. Everything falls into place after that.

You need proctor(s), Scott already answered how to find out if these 
are available. One proctor can handle up to 35 people at one sitting, 
so simply arithmetic tells you how many of them you need.

You need a space for the examinees to write in, with desks or tables - 
a typical exam setting as used in schools/colleges is best. If you 
have multiple sittings, pay some attention to keeping the candidates 
separate so candidates don't discuss the exam questions in earshot of 
those who haven't written yet.

LPI's process is remarkably easy with a distinct lack of any kind of 
red tape. It literally is as easy as getting the candidates together, 
and the proctor arrives with the papers.

I take the college will go the paper-based exam route? If they want 
computer based testing it would probably be easier to negotiate a 
bulk deal with a Prometric or Thomson-VUE accredited centre


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