[lpi-discuss] New article on one candidate's experience

Tabatha Marshall tabatha.marshall at lpi.org
Mon Oct 31 15:23:19 EST 2005

Bryan J. Smith wrote:
>>Tabatha Marshall <tabatha.marshall at lpi.org> wrote:
> The psychometrics clearly come out in the LPI exams versus
> most of the Citrix, CIW (yes, I know, he's on this list ;-),
> CompTIA, Microsoft, Sun and even non-simulation portions of
> the Cisco Associate/Professional exams.
> Now Novell has done a bit better, but they have the funds to
> have more advanced testing that LPI cannot.  And the only
> reason Cisco exams aren't in the toilet IMHO is because they
> have those 2-3 simulations (otherwise, I think LPI does a
> better job in the multiple choice/fill-in questions). 
> Microsoft has stated they've switched to more "performance"
> testing, but they said that before (and I took those with
> much laughter ;-).

Good to hear this kind of feedback on the other certs.  It's difficult
for me to feel competitive towards some of them, considering LPIC-1 is
also an accredited program, and pretty much the only one of it's kind to
be able to say that so far!  Between accreditation and the
psychometrics, it's easy to see what sets us apart, but maybe isn't as
obvious to the community, and we can definitely work on that!

> In fact, if there was only 1 exam this guy found to be in
> error on the 101, then that's a good sign.  ;->

You said 1 exam, but did you mean 1 question?  :)

>>Do you (all, collectively) think this is something that
>>needs to be talked about more?  This is what makes us
>>different than Red Hat's hands-on approach, and maybe it's
>>not very widely understood.
> Yes, I very much do.  The "vendor neutral" aspect is nice,
> but it would help far more to market 1) the exam development
> and 2) the "we don't offer training, so no conflict of
> interest" aspects even more.

I appreciate this feedback and will make sure to forward it internally
so that the right folks hear what you're saying!  I know the second
point is well-known (though it never hurts to restate it), but it
couldn't hurt to talk more about the development.

Thanks very much!  :)


Tabatha Marshall
Director of Certification
Linux Professional Institute

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