[lpi-discuss] Server vs. Wrokstation (was Some Objective Feedback -- LinuxCore?

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Tue Sep 13 16:51:20 EDT 2005

"ross e. brunson" <ross at brunson.org> wrote:
> I would submit that the LPIC levels are laid out currently
> in a manner that matches the skill levels of the 
> constituency ...

I have to agree.  The levels of the objectives were laid out
for a reason, and the arguments have to be _strong_ to change
them radically.  Kinda like instant replay (sorry, it's
American Football season ;-) -- it's gotta be "clear cut not
correct" to get overturned.

> We should continue to discuss this, I think the idea of
> associating workstation topics with the 100 level might
> have merit,

Actually, I would argue that "lightweight, regular user"
tasks be regulated to the Level 0 / LinuxCore exam.  I know
LinuxCore is not supposed to be a technical exam, but
anything that is a "fundamental" should be made brain-dead
easy and put into that exam instead.

> but we should be aware that having the majority of our
> certified admins suddenly be perceived as technical 
> lightweights or not capable of handling
> server-related tasks is risky to say the least.


>From my viewpoint, the LPIC-1 is an exam of a junior
administrator with 18 months experience on an _enterprise_
network.  That means that it's more than what people do at
home with regular use, or for basic Internet servers.  It has
to be more broad than that IMHO.

User-level concepts are clearly Level 0.  Whether they fit
into the (former?) LinuxCore exam, or a new exam is
warranted, that's the argument that I believe should be made.
 Not to change Level 1 which was designed the way it was for
a reason.

> Don't get me started on redesigning Level 2, I want to see
> it be one Core Exam with multiple electives that focus on
> various areas such as database, sysadmin, security,
> integration etc.

Isn't that Level 3?

> But that's a whole different thread.
> Nice contribution, Ian!

I don't think anyone would say you didn't thinks through.
But I think there will be heavy resistance to changing the
core objective levels of the existing Level 1 and 2.

Again, user concepts are clearly more of a "level 0" aspect.
I personally feel CompTIA Linux+ is fine for 6 months of
home-user/PC-tech level Linux experience and doesn't warrant
LPI's interest.
If LPI wants to introduce a competing exam in that space, I
will leave that up to LPI and help out.

So this begs the question, what's up with the formerly
proposed LinuxCore?  (NOTE:  I haven't looked around for it
on the site)

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