[lpi-discuss] GUI fun (was Server vs. Wrokstation (was Some Objective Feedback)

Dan York dyork at Lodestar2.com
Tue Sep 13 21:30:00 EDT 2005


Thank you for all the feedback.  I felt compelled to respond to one 
specific point:

> Workstation support is more tricky. It has two components, in terms of 
> size the minor one is what you do at the CLI - /etc/hosts, mount 
> points, etc. All adequately covered with our current objectives. The 
> major part is the desktop, then we get into the whole 
> kde/gnome/xfce/e16 thing. The only commonality is X and display 
> managers which is fully covered in topic 110. A junior tech giving 
> support on the desktop will have his days filled with 
> desktop-queries: arts, xmms, amarok, automounters. I find generic 
> objectives on such things to be a very scary area.

This is precisely why we chose to stay way far away from the desktop 
when we first created the LPI exams.  The beauty of Linux is that you 
have so many choices for your desktop - but that wonderful choice also 
makes it a nightmare for an entity trying to develop a generic and 
vendor-independent certication.  The path we took, as you mention, is to 
go for the commonality and test what we can.

Six years later, I still don't see how you can do it any differently for 
the base exams.  I am not sure there ever will be a generic desktop we 
can test on and as a user I'm actually perfectly okay with that.

A solution, as you mention, may involved distro-specific exams.

Great to see all this excellent discussion!

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