[lpi-discuss] Server vs. Wrokstation (was Some Objective Feedback -- LinuxCore?

Mark Miller mark.miller at lpi.org
Wed Sep 14 11:32:54 EDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 13:51 -0700, Bryan J. Smith wrote:

> So this begs the question, what's up with the formerly
> proposed LinuxCore?  (NOTE:  I haven't looked around for it
> on the site)

Linuxcore or Level 0 remains a concept only and the business case for it
has not been made strong enough.  It is generally viewed as a low stakes
online test that would be driven by the open community. It would not
involve psychometrics.

What needs to happen for a Linuxcore test?  Development work on the open
source delivery tool, and community development to create and evangelize
it. Simple.

So, people who desire Linuxcore, step up and volunteer to take a leading
role in moving the concept forward. It would require people to organize
and make progress on tool development, test creation and maintenance,
and strong community development and support skills to get the message
out the those that could benefit such as managers of open source
staffers, schools (particularly high schools, vocational schools, and
community colleges to us US terms), and government agencies.  Remember
that it is NOT a technical cert and is intended to introduce users to
the concepts of open source and basic Linux usage.  Just enough skill to
reduce the number of silly calls the the help desk is all it entails.

This is true Open Source certification. You have the ability to make it
happen just like any other Open Source project!

Mark Miller
Program Manager
Exam Development Level 1
Linux Professional Institute

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