[lpi-discuss] Server vs. Wrokstation (was Some Objective Feedback

Mark Miller mark.miller at lpi.org
Wed Sep 14 11:38:28 EDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 23:50 +0200, Alan McKinnon wrote:
> The only commonality is X and display 
> managers which is fully covered in topic 110.

X isn't so straightforward with XFree vs X.org, and the whole kerfuffle
over 2d vs 3d rendering going on. Different distros make different
decisions and being generic is a challenge!

> A way to do that is to have an extra distro-specific exam, a 103 if 
> you like. SuSE and Ubuntu have been mentioned in this regard, I think 
> it's a good plan.

Having optional add-on distribution specific tests simplifies a number
of troublesome areas. There are still some political issues but the
pendulum seems to be swinging in favor of such things.

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