[lpi-discuss] Re: General comments on LPI levels -- after 14 years, they still call me an "Intern"

Mark Miller mark.miller at lpi.org
Wed Sep 14 15:46:31 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-09-14 at 12:50 -0400, john at johnallsopp.co.uk wrote:

> this is a marketing issue, and I spent ten years of my life as a
> marketing consultant. What I'm wriggling on is that if we want LPI to
> become more popular, more accepted, more standard, more known about,
> we need people to look at the qualifications and decide to take the
> first step. If the first step is a slog to get to 'junior' I think 90%
> of people (just a guess, 85% maybe :-) ) will reject it because after
> all that work, they're still just the dogsbody. It may be the case, we
> just shouldn't wave it in front of their faces if we want them to join
> us.

The term is based upon the SAGE sysadmin levels. While I can appreciate
your point we must also realize that we must market not only to test
takers but employers too. The Junior admin is an entry level, the Senior
not so much.  Some might see "technician" as somehow lesser than an
"engineer" but in my career as an electronics tech I sure as hell taught
a lot of engineers how things really work.

> Incidentally, is anyone from LPI listening to this or are we just
> blathering to ourselves? :-) Sorry, I don't know if you are involved
> with them directly or not.

Oh yes, we listen! Seems my posts have gotten hung up for a bit but you
should have lots of my opinions to chew on now!

Mark Miller
Program Manager
Exam Development Level 1
Linux Professional Institute

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