[lpi-discuss] Re: General comments on LPI levels -- after 14 years, they still call me an "Intern"

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Wed Sep 14 15:53:09 EDT 2005

Mark Miller <mark.miller at lpi.org> wrote:
> Some might see "technician" as somehow lesser than an
> "engineer" but in my career as an electronics tech I sure
> as hell taught a lot of engineers how things really work.

Damn straight!  (and I'm a "traditional engineer" too ;-)

I worked throughout college in a technical position.  I went
to school with others that did not.  I always reminded them
that once they got out, they were going to spend another 3-4
years _learning_ from those who didn't go to college.  They
laughed at me, but found out once they got out.

Engineers are _not_ practical without technical experience. 
And if they stick with a pure engineering focus in work, they
will often never be the "most practical."  It's one of the
biggest crocks in the universe to believe that engineers are
educated to be "practical."  Microsoft often says they
"graduate practical engineers" -- of course, but that's
because they are Engineering Technologists and Technicians,
not engineers!

Traditional engineers are educated with the tools and talents
to understand anything.  But to actually know what to do in
the "real world," you have to be experienced with "real
world" technology.  Remember, technology is fixed in time. 
Engineering is not.  The fundamentals of electrical
engineering 100 years ago are still readily applicable today
when designing hardware!  But the electrical engineering
technology of just 10 years ago is hardly applicable when
assembling new units from product specifications so dated.

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