[lpi-discuss] General comments on LPI levels

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Wed Sep 14 15:56:52 EDT 2005

Benjamín Gálvez <benja at lpi.cl> wrote:
> Depends of country.... 

Exactomundo!  ;->

> System Admin: Manager user, admin local server or
> workstation.....task admin common.
> Professional Admin: manager project, consultant,   
> Expert Admin: SA + PA and 1 or 2 espacialist. (Segurity,
> Clustering...) 

I'm an ignorant American, but from at least standpoint of
western languages and cultures, I have to believe the
explicit use of "Junior", "Senior" and "Expert" prefixes
(adjectives in English, among others) have direct
translations into equivalent levels/titles in other

> IMHO, LPIC is a certification at "world-wide" level, use
> terminology common in any country to identify level.

If possible.  That's the problem.  But that's why I like the
explicit pre-fixes, which should have direct translation into
an equivalent level/title.

> Sorry, no Ingles.

Just remember that I'm not ignorant of this fact.
It's difficult to assert anything on this matter.

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