[lpi-discuss] General comments on LPI levels

john at johnallsopp.co.uk john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Thu Sep 15 02:09:05 EDT 2005

>> System Admin: Manager user, admin local server or
>> workstation.....task admin common.
>> Professional Admin: manager project, consultant,
>> Expert Admin: SA + PA and 1 or 2 espacialist. (Segurity,
>> Clustering...)
> I'm an ignorant American, but from at least standpoint of
> western languages and cultures, I have to believe the
> explicit use of "Junior", "Senior" and "Expert" prefixes
> (adjectives in English, among others) have direct
> translations into equivalent levels/titles in other
> languages.

I think that misses whole issues of culture. 'Junior' isn't really a
word used in UK English, I think. If I think of the word, it comes up
in my head used to refer to a child in an American sitcom. We would
use it for junior school (for kids around, maybe, 8 or 9 years old).
That tells me the word has a different resonance in the US to what it
has in the UK. It may translate, but it drags with it a whole load of
different associations, and we speak the same language. God only knows
what junior, translated, feels like to an Italian, or a Swede. It's
such a complicated word, whereas, as just suggested, Certified System
Administrator isn't so loaded with different meanings.


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