[lpi-discuss] Re: General comments on LPI levels -- after 14 years, they still call me an "Intern"

Tabatha Marshall tabatha.marshall at lpi.org
Thu Sep 15 18:16:56 EDT 2005

john at johnallsopp.co.uk wrote:
> this is a marketing issue, and I spent ten years of my life as a
> marketing consultant. What I'm wriggling on is that if we want LPI to
> become more popular, more accepted, more standard, more known about,
> we need people to look at the qualifications and decide to take the
> first step. If the first step is a slog to get to 'junior' I think 90%
> of people (just a guess, 85% maybe :-) ) will reject it because after
> all that work, they're still just the dogsbody. It may be the case, we
> just shouldn't wave it in front of their faces if we want them to join
> us.
> Incidentally, is anyone from LPI listening to this or are we just
> blathering to ourselves? :-) Sorry, I don't know if you are involved
> with them directly or not.

*I'm* listening!  :)

> You have far more experience and knowledge of all that than I do. I'm
> just coming at it from a marketing point of view. We can probably
> agree on a term such as "basic linux administrator" that does reflect
> the, well, basic level of knowledge without the other implications
> that 'junior' brings, for me at least.
> The point is, really, whether LPI are taking any of this on board and
> aim to do anything about it, or not.

In developing LPI's certification roadmap (which is in progress), I felt
the same towards the "Junior" designation.  Whether or not we will
change this hasn't been determined, but do know that I am talking about
this internally to see if this should be addressed.

Incidentally, I should add that despite the name of the credential, we
haven't had a slow-down in L1 exam-takers, and not very many people have
objected to "Junior" in the past.  However, it's been mentioned by a few
people that from a marketing angle, some slight adjustments could help.

Thanks for your feedback on this subject.  Though I don't always
participate in the discussions, I do read them, and wanted you to know
that I heard you!


Tabatha Marshall
Director of Certification
Linux Professional Institute

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