[lpi-discuss] Re: General comments on LPI levels -- after 14 years, they still call me an "Intern"

Anselm Lingnau anselm.lingnau at linupfront.de
Fri Sep 16 16:55:59 EDT 2005

ross e. brunson wrote:

> Our SUSE engineers think "ip" is the cat's behind, so all our courseware
> (well, the stuff that I didn't write, that is) has little shrines
> everywhere to "ip".

This is probably because they like to play at Cisco administrators (or so I'm 

Anyway, I seem to remember that as far as the kernel folks were concerned, 
»ip« was going to be the wave of the future, with »ifconfig«, »route« and 
friends becoming deprecated at some stage -- in which case we will eventually 
have to take it into account for LPIC. Anybody have the official word on 

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