[lpi-discuss] Hands on exams (Was Re: General comments on LPI levels)

Dimitrios Bogiatzoules taki at lpi.org
Sat Sep 17 20:05:05 EDT 2005

ross e. brunson said the following on 18.09.2005 01:16:
> On Sat, 2005-09-17 at 13:35 -0700, Mark Miller wrote:
>>This won't happen at LPI. The costs and infrastructure requirements are
>>too big, particularly in the Third World.
> Don't dismiss out of hand the costs and infrastructure, I never said
> this would be available for the whole world right off, the combination
> of a written exam and a practicum-based lab at given times in the year,
> such as at LW and other shows wouldn't be that hard to pull off.  I am
> certain our hardware vendor sponsor companies would be happy to supply
> the needed equipment for such a lab.  (Hint, I have done this in the
> past, it works out quite well.)

As always never say never ;)

> I still maintain that we should have a combination for the highest
> level, which honestly isn't directed (with respect and kudos to our 3rd
> world brothers) to countries with insufficient infrastructure to support
> the b/w needed to do this online.  There are testing mechanisms that
> would allow for a 2 machine online practicum exam in as little as 50KB
> per testing user, and they work now.
> Gosh, this is fun, we may never have one of these situations, but I'd
> love to see us consider the CCIE model for our top level.

While we're very busy working on the existing 2 Levels, we should still
have an eye on Level 3 and its examination. There are good arguments for
all PBT (Paper Based Tests), CBT (Computer Based Tests) and "Hands on"
tests but IMHO this is not something we'll have to decide now.

Just another thought, given what was discussed the last weeks here about
what a LPIC-3 could be (this is not defined yet!!):

Would any candidate qualify her/himself as an LPIC-3 without having used
internet heavily? How high or low would be her/his preparation costs to
pass the exam? How many examinees would take the exam and from which

I think that the possible answers to my questions above would lead to
the result that all 3 kind of exams are possible...

What I expect to happen is a mixed exam with a PBT/CBT and a hands on
part. The PBT/CBT may be used to pre-qualify the examinee for the hands
on exam which may be delivered through a SSH environment. If a candidate
has proved in 2 Level 1, 2 Level 2 and n Level 3 PBT/CBT her/his
qualification, I strongly believe that she/he was proved reliable enough
to take the (timed) hands on exam un-attended by a proctor.

I agree with Ross that we may never have any of that situations for the
one or other reason and what I wrote above are just my personal point of

Best regards,

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