[lpi-discuss] LPI participation in trade show and events ?

Luc Paulin - ITNews itnews at lpmja.com
Sun Sep 18 11:31:10 EDT 2005

I am also looking to get tested for the LPIC-1. Therefore I would 
certainly attend to one of these event, expecially the expolinux wich is 
where LPI organisation would perfectly fit.... Is there any possibility 
that LPI make it to one of the Montreal trade show?


Etienne Goyer wrote:

>I was wondering how participation of LPI in trade show and events was
>decided.  More precisely, I was wondering who should we contact to
>propose participation in local events.
>In particuliar, there will be three events in Montréal, that will happen
>near-consecutively, where participation from LPI might be a good idea.
>On October 26-27, there will be the Linux Expo 2005
>(http://www.expolinux.ca/).  Close after that, Ubuntu Below Zero
>(http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBelowZero) will be help from October 30 to
>November 5.  Finally, there will be the Semaine Québécoise de
>l'Informatique Libre (a Free Software week; http://sqil.info/) from
>November 12 to November 20.
>As I look forward to getting tested for LPIC-2, I would love for LPI to
>attend one of these event.  I would certainly be willing to volunteer
>for an appearance at one of the SQIL's event.
>Etienne Goyer
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