[lpi-discuss] General comments on LPI levels (Openldap)

Matt Benjamin matt at linuxbox.com
Mon Sep 19 13:19:02 EDT 2005


I'm not so sure things are so fixed down right now.

Bryan J. Smith wrote:

>Samba is _not_ a per to ADS!
>Windows Server is an unified network authentication,
>directory, file and naming approach.
>Samba is only a subset of the authentication and naming
>services, an elementary addition for directory schema and is
>_largely_ the network file services.  These Samba services
>are _not_ designed for UNIX systems, but for _elementary_
>interaction with Windows.
This describes Samba up through 3, but I think Samba4 is much more 
ambitious here, I think the _developers_ do indeed intend to provide an 
ADS "implementation," and

>Samba is _not_ designed in the least bit to be a UNIX-to-UNIX
>set of services.  The only time Samba is refered to a
>Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) implementation is for
>"prior art" (i.e., legal) purposes.  It is clearly _not_ a
>DCE solution for UNIX-to-UNIX, and it is rather incomplete
>for UNIX-to-UNIX.
The CIFS-VFS folks, while I personally think it's dubious, seem quite 
serious at least to judge from mailing list posts, about first-class 
Unix client access to Samba file service.


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