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On Mon, 2005-09-19 at 18:47 +0100, christiaan wrote:
> I have lurked with interest on the subject of the CLP self-study kit. 
> Having looked at the kit I think it is a possibly the best Linux 
> training kit available. 

Our Instructional Design folks thank you.  It cost enough to produce
that if it didn't turn out, well, someone was going to manage reindeer
herds in Novell Irkutsk...

> However the question remains whether or not it 
> is worth the money at the stated price of $876 with out shipment. With 
> Cisco and Microsoft self-study kits starting at around $50, the 
> questions is there a not so fine line between gross-profiteering and 
> free-enterprise being crossed?

You should be emailing edcustomer at novell.com with this, this list can't
do anything about it, but that email goes deep into the heart of
Novell's Education structure and is read by the right people.

> However the quality of the training kit is such that  I think Novell 
> have been very clever in understanding the weaknesses of the LPI 
> marketing . 

Nope, has nothing to do with LPI, it's all about having a good solid
cert and upgrade path for partners and customers to get better at our
products.  Honestly, I can't say that anything that was done had LPI in
mind, either as a target or competitor, and we still heartily recommend
that people get their LPIC1 before coming into our track.

> Even at the price point the CLP self-study kit will be a 
> vehicle that will propell Novell Linux Certification into pole postion 
> as the leading Linux Cert.

I don't know about that, and I work and train for the big N.  It's a
tool, and one that represents the best foot forward, but it's still just
a tool.  There needs to be interest for partners to schedule classes,
kits that are of this quality and the right people to teach to make it a
success.  Like the old radio station in chicago I loved so well used to
say: "Of all the radio stations in Chi-town.... We're one of them" and
we're one of the Linux Certs, and of course would like to be the one
that people get after they proved their skills in the vendor-neutral
arena with LPI.

> I have been interested in studying for Linux examinations for some years 
> but cost is a major factor in in holding me back. Not the cost of the 
> LPI exams but the cost of the study, in time and in the total lack of 
> choice of study kits available.

Welcome to my world.  Everything costs, and I just map it on the
Crap-To-Dollars Curve, in other words everything in life costs you in
time, difficulty or money, and I use the CTDC to show people that if you
pay a lot for something that makes it a LOT easier to get your goal,
it's usually because someone expended significant effort on the back end
(did the crap that needed to be done to make it easier for you) and it
costs more, but only in money, not the OTHER hard stuff.

> I think that the first Linux Certification scheme to come up with a 
> self-study kit of the quality of the CLP kit for under $50 will have the 
> widest adoption. 

Not to plug his book, but Emmett Dulaney has a CLP exam study guide from
Novell Press for under that amount, and it's an alright book.

> Quite frankly thats my price point and if the LPI was 
> to make that happen then I would buy it.

As MarkM so kindly pointed out (bottle of scotch on it's way, thanks
mate) my book is out there for the LPIC, and if there is sufficient
market share or interest for the CLP, you'll definitely see me put one
out about it, but it's got a ways to go before it's on the same level or
par (market-wise) with LPI.

Hope this is helpful, and it sounds like you've got a good start on
getting one or more certs, this is a good place to lurk, (unless Bryan
is currently soapboxing it, 8-P) and you'll get a lot from this list.



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