[lpi-discuss] What's New in the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

ross brunson ross at brunson.org
Sat Apr 22 20:59:58 EDT 2006

Our CTO, Dr. Jeff Jaffe's blog (see, Jon Schwartz isn't the only  
corporate blogger!) has a great post that details what's coming in  
the new SLED 10 release this summer, which most of the technical  
people inside Novell are already running, currently in Beta 10.

URL:  http://www.novell.com/ctoblog/?p=6

This is the first desktop edition of Linux that I have found to  
support all the things I need to make it my daily desktop, including  
full compatibility with the SLES 10 Server product, such as being  
able to install just about anything from either distribution on  
either platform, multimedia support for iPod's and other media  
players and of course the XGL and Compiz enhancements that nearly  
take the desktop to the level of user-friendliness of a Mac, which is  
my other Unix platform.



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