[lpi-discuss] What's New in the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Sun Apr 23 22:33:38 EDT 2006

Bender <tool.apc.lover at gmail.com> wrote:
> Why is this such a big issue... 

Don't know.  Some people like a make a big deal out of something.  Or
they just like to get on "anti-whatever" bandwagon -- often from a
standpoint -- and excuse me here, but we're professionals --
"ignorance."  Using the GPU framebuffer is not only not a new idea,
but it's a major reason why Apple's desktop "just works better."

Maybe it's because I worked in the semiconductor industry from
1999-2001, when Linux overtook nearly the entire EDA market.  I also
worked with engineers either from or who would later work for ATI,
Intel, nVidia, etc...  That's where the "anti-whatever" really sports
some ignorance.  GPUs are more complex and have far more transitors
dedicated to logic than CPUs today -- plus you are talking about a
product that doubles in speed twice as fast as a CPU, so it is
obsolete in half the time.

You'll _never_ get open source GLX drivers that perform.  It's
impossible, given the time involved.  By the time open source GLX
drivers are released, the product is already obsolete.  And the only
way to avoid that is to do pre-release development, then you're back
to NDAs, etc...  More of the same issue.  And that's before you even
look at the IP issues.

> ./calmdown --when NOW

I never get upset with this, I just have to laugh at the collective
naivity of it all.  We're not talking network or printer drivers,
we're talking about an instruction and feature set that is
exponentially more complex than a CPU.

I'd love to see open source drivers.  But as even Intel has shown,
both with their withholding IP and performance gut versus their
Windows drivers, it ain't gonna happen.

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