[lpi-discuss] NEW LPI WEBSITE

Scott Lamberton scottl at lpi.org
Thu Aug 17 13:15:40 EDT 2006


Earlier this week LPI launched its new website.  This website uses a
popular open source content management system which was chosen for its
enhanced internationalization features.  It also enables staff and
others to update content much more quickly and readily than previously.

At the moment only the English site is available as all content has been
thoroughly revised and rewritten.  We will be engaging volunteer
translators over the coming weeks to update other language-specific
aspects of the site.

However, as can be expected, there has been some issues in moving from
the development server to the "live" production server.  We should
address all of those problems by the end of today (most of which are
broken links).  We will also be incorporating several redirects.

The old website can continued to be reached at www1.lpi.org. 

Should you find problems or errors please report them to Cindy at
xiaoxiao at lpi.org and cc your message to me at scottl at lpi.org.  I will be
leaving this weekend for a much needed one week summer's vacation ;-) 
In the interim, Cindy (a LPI summer intern), will be tracking all
website issues and will correspond to the technical staff on correcting
any problems as we learn of them.


Scott Lamberton
scottl at lpi.org


This new website will give us exceptional internationalization and
localization capabilities.  For those affiliates that don't already have
websites you will be able to use the tools in this new CMS to create
your "own" website in your language and include content that is local to
your needs and concerns.  Fortunately where translation resources are
lacking the site will default to English--however we are going to ensure
that there are at least "home" pages in all the major languages.  As
noted above the site has been substantially revised and rewritten so
translation efforts could take some time.  Nevertheless the end product
will be much more effective for affiliate purposes.

In addition we will be able to create for staff, affiliates, and others
private "intranets" where documents, marketing material, or research can
be shared in password-protected folders and webpages.

For LATPs and LATMs we will be expanding these sections over time.  In
particular, one of our new features is a LATP search whereby candidates
can search for LATPs in their locale.

We will keep you informed of progress--in the short term we will
focusing on working out the final "bugs".  Your ideas and comments are

Scott Lamberton
Director of Communications
Linux Professional Institute
Email: scottl at lpi.org
Web: http://www.lpi.org
Telephone: +1-416-666-1574

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