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Scott Lamberton scottl at lpi.org
Fri Aug 18 09:37:02 EDT 2006

Anselm Lingnau wrote:

>Karl Schock wrote:
>>The page "Exam 101: Detailed Objectives" for example has *at the moment*
>>the URL
>>_objectives Is this only a temporary URL or the end version?
>>"/en/lpi/english" looks a little bit strange.
>Yup. I also noticed that they apparently managed to break *every single link* 
>into their web site. 
Anselm: your tendency to exaggerate exceeds my own ;-)  Not every single
link is broke
...but maybe close.

>It's a good thing I postponed checking all the URLs for 
>the new edition of our LPIC-1 book until yesterday -- we might have gone to 
>print with the old links.
We are doing redirects on all old links.  Send Cindy (xiaoxiao at lpi.org)
a list from your book and we'll ensure their
are redirects for every link.  We'll probably address all of those
without your list--but a list would ensure that
we don't miss any.



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