[lpi-discuss] [LPI-News] Linux Professional Institute changes Recertification Policy

Scott Lamberton scottl at lpi.org
Fri Dec 1 13:29:22 EST 2006

Anselm Lingnau wrote:

>Scott Lamberton wrote:
>>Linux Professional Institute changes Recertification Policy
>I'm not going to comment on this other than that I think recertification every 
>two years is silly. Linux moves fast but not quite *that* fast. On the other 
>hand, frequent recertification does generate money for the LPI, so must be a 
>good thing. We're beating Microsoft at their own game :^)
We are NOT requiring recertification every two years.  We recommend it,
however, the policy states VERY clearly that recertification
is ONLY required every 5 years IF you have not taken a higher level
designation (and, of course, if you want your status to remain as
"active" in the database)

>My question is the following: It used to be forbidden for successful 
>candidates to re-sit an LPI exam unless the objectives had changed in the 
Actually, the retake policy states that after you have successfully
completed an exam you can not sit for it for another 2 years.

> I can see the LPI reviewing the objectives once per exam in the 
>space of five years, but if you recommend that people recertify themselves at 
>much shorter intervals (like two years), is the ban on unmodified re-sits 
>going to be lifted, or are you going to commit to a two-year maximum cycle 
>for objective reviews for all exams?
The retake policy will remain as is.  We are committed to a 2 year
objective review.

As an aside, please note that effective dates on the recertification
policy are as of the time of  certification designation not exam

In the instance that someone did want to recertify after 2 years of
their certification designation they would have to wait until 2 years
after they passed their first exam to retake that exam--in almost all
examples there is considerable time between the taking of the exam and
the certification designation.  Alternatively,
they could take the higher level certification at any time which would
automatically recertify their lower level exams.

All of this should be discernable from the policy.  However one needs to
read past the first sentence ;-)


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