[lpi-discuss] [LPI-News] Linux Professional Institute changes Recertification Policy

Anselm Lingnau anselm.lingnau at linupfront.de
Sun Dec 3 21:14:18 EST 2006

Scott Lamberton wrote:

> All of this should be discernable from the policy.  However one needs to
> read past the first sentence ;-)

The recertificaton policy does not talk about the mechanics of re-takes. When 
I took my LPIC-1 exam the stated policy was that re-takes weren't allowed 
unless the objectives had been changed in the meantime; the change of *that* 
policy must somehow have slipped by me (my bad).

More importantly, I am, like Evan, surprised that the issue underlying the 
recent recertification interval policy change had apparently never been 
raised on this list before the actual change was promulgated. I used to be 
under the impression that this list was a venue where ideas like this could 
be floated *before* an actual policy change, and input from »the LPI 
community« be solicited. Now it seems that, for whatever reason, the LPI does 
not consider the readership of this list a part of »the LPI community« to an 
extent where our input regarding the issue would have been welcome (because 
otherwise it would have been very appropriate to ask the readers of 
lpi-discuss at lpi.org for their thoughts on the matter -- this, unless I'm very 
much mistaken, is what this list purports to be *for*).

If anything, this is a more disturbing development than whatever you could do 
to the recertification timespan, and I would strongly urge you to either 
officially declare this list as being provided purely for entertainment 
purposes, or reconsider your methods for handling future prospective policy 
changes such that you make more explicit use of this very valuable channel 
into »the LPI community«. Alternatively, if there is *another* list that one  
must join where one's contributions might actually to some degree make a 
difference regarding issues such as this, before the fact, I'd love to hear 
about that as well.


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