[lpi-discuss] [LPI-News] Linux Professional Institute changes Recertification Policy

Karl Schock Karl.Schock at web.de
Mon Dec 4 12:31:44 EST 2006

Hello Anselm,

I am pleased about your statements.

> We used to tell people »the LPI believes that Linux knowledge never really 
> goes out of date, so there's no recertification requirement«, then we changed 
> over to »the LPI still believes that Linux knowledge never really goes out of 
> date but they also really, really wanted to be NOCA certified themselves so 
> they put the period at 10 years because that was the maximum NOCA would 
> allow«, and now it's »Linux moves so fast that LPI says you really should 
> recertify after two years but you have to after five if you want to stay 
> ACTIVE«? What's the party line going to be next year?

If you read the eMail from Evan Leibovitch carefully you can guess it:

Kicking everybody completely out of the database who does not recertify
every two years - for example.

> who is to say for sure that next year LPI isn't going to do the »LPIP« thing
> that Bryan suggested the other day?

*Everyone* at the LPI is to say that for sure as they once said for
"All certification designations earned before September 1, 2004 will be
'lifetime' designations and will be maintained as having an ACTIVE
status in the
database, regardless of recertification activities."

But is there anybody left who trust in what the LPI says "for sure"?
At least I am not.

IMHO the LPI has violated two things:

- There was no public discussion in/with the "community" about the

- They changed the rules not only for new candidates but also for the
old ones.

Therefore I would suggest to put the new recertification rules into the
pipe: discuss the topic in/with the "community" (and release new rules
if necessary).


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