[lpi-discuss] RE: Linux Professional Institute changes Recertification Policy -- the "2 issues, " plus LPI's direction ...

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Mon Dec 4 21:17:08 EST 2006

The comparisons between LPI, governments and management models of open 
source projects were making my head hurt. It was certainly not my 
intention, with what I wrote, to be considered a source of negativism.

LPI, from the start, has always been about striking a delicate balance 
between community, candidate, vendor and IT employer interests. Those of 
us who started LPI knew that it would be like nothing else in the open 
source world, and IMO it's certainly maintained that status. :-)

Through the various phases in LPI's development that balance has 
evolved, but what's crucial is that it still exists and that _it still 
matters_. As far as I can tell, LPI still has a larger community than 
any other project in the FOSS world not dedicated to producing or 
distributing software. Its vendor support, strong from day one, 
continues to grow. Earning respect from all sides is difficult, and 
certainly not everyone can be pleased all the time because sometimes 
LPI's various stakeholders' interests and agendas can be so contradictory.

Sure, improvement is always possible, but that sentiment is hardly 
limited to LPI. What's important here is to keep the conversation civil, 
straightforward and positive, because IMO the balance depends upon the 
kind of mutual understanding that can only come from useful and engaging 

- Evan

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