[lpi-discuss] RE: Linux Professional Institute changes Recertification Policy -- the "2 issues, " plus LPI's direction ...

Slawomir Kawala slwkk at alternatywa.net
Tue Dec 5 08:40:43 EST 2006

Dnia Tue, 5 Dec 2006 01:29:28 +0100
Anselm Lingnau <anselm.lingnau at linupfront.de> napisal(a||e)s:

> A candidate would be expected to pass the LDAP-and-PAM and the 
> Samba exam to be LPIC-3 certified, and could then add specialities
> such as security, Apache, mail, etc. as desired.

Hi, I wonder why Samba is so important? I think (or rather I know) that
many network / system administrators* never needed to use Samba, even
that they are experienced linux (and not only linux) users. In my
opinion Samba exam should be only one of the possibilities and nothing

* ok, but I know only net/sys administrators working for ISPs.

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