[lpi-discuss] [LPI-News] Linux Professional Institute changes Recertification Policy

Dimitrios Bogiatzoules, LPI Product Developer taki at lpi.org
Tue Dec 5 07:21:06 EST 2006

Hi all,

I have only a few words to add to this discussion.

Anselm Lingnau said the following on 05.12.2006 12:06:
> Bryan J. Smith wrote:
>> They are honoring it by your certification being perpetual.
>> But they now have an "ACTIVE/INACTIVE" status.
> The LPI promised Alan to keep his certificate ACTIVE for 10 years, and they 
> have now unilaterally reduced that to 5. They promised to keep mine ACTIVE 
> forever (i.e., when I got it the ACTIVE/INACTIVE issue didn't even exist), 
> and have unilaterally reduced that to 5 years, too. I don't call 
> this »honouring an agreement« even if you do.

I can understand the whole discussion and the arguments that many of you

In my opinion, my own Level 2 lifetime certificate I got back in 2001
after taking the 200 beta exams, will never expire and get worthless.
There is a big difference between EXPIRED or VALID UNTIL, as other
organisations use and INACTIVE as we use!

My certificate will be associated with inactive status on September 1,
2008. These makes only clear to others that I stopped investing time and
resources to pass exams of the same or a higher level (what I call
inactive, anyway). It does not mean that after that day my proof of
skills is gone...

BTW: For me as an exam development team member, there isn't a way to
re-certify me, because I'm not allowed to take exams any more.
So I will definitely get my inactive status, unless there will be an
LPIC-2 h.c. ;-)

Although I'm LPI staff, the above are my personal opinion, since my
working area is only restricted to exam development.


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