[lpi-discuss] [LPI-News] Linux Professional Institute changes Recertification Policy

Anselm Lingnau anselm.lingnau at linupfront.de
Tue Dec 5 09:33:34 EST 2006

Taki wrote:

> My certificate will be associated with inactive status on September 1,
> 2008. These makes only clear to others that I stopped investing time and
> resources to pass exams of the same or a higher level (what I call
> inactive, anyway). It does not mean that after that day my proof of
> skills is gone...

True. But I don't trust HR people to draw fine distinctions of that kind.

> BTW: For me as an exam development team member, there isn't a way to
> re-certify me, because I'm not allowed to take exams any more.
> So I will definitely get my inactive status, unless there will be an
> LPIC-2 h.c. ;-)

Here is where Matthew's idea of having work experience, etc., count towards 
recertification comes into play. Who cares whether you have read the textbook 
if you have *written* it! :^)

Anyway, IMHO, so far the LPI executive has seen fit to tick off many LPI 
candidates and alumni. If on top of that they want to insult all the LPI 
*volunteers*, too, then they should go right ahead and set your certificate 
to INACTIVE in 2008.

Anselm Lingnau

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