Work experience as a recertification option [was Re: [lpi-discuss] Re: Linux Professional Institute changes Recertification Policy -- how does LPI "pay" for all your "wants"?]

G. Matthew Rice matt at
Tue Dec 5 14:46:50 EST 2006

"Bryan J. Smith" <b.j.smith at> writes:
> > Here is where Matthew's idea of having work experience, etc.,
> > count towards recertification comes into play. Who cares
> > whether you have read> the textbook if you have *written* it! :^)
> And who is going to *PAY* for this?  Really?!?!?!
> Lab-based certs and peer-reviewed resumes and countless other
> "processes" _cost_money_.  So, again, how do you expect LPI to *PAY*
> for all these "wants"?
> To "pay" for all of what your "wants," LPI would either have to
> massively jack up the exam prices -- or *WORSE* yet -- give into the
> "training profit model."  You want to see LPI _destroy_ its
> objectivity overnight?  Have them go that latter route.  ;->

        "I have a cunning plan."
                -- Baldrick

Well, more of a copycat approach, actually.
To bring up the PMI and (ISC)2 orgs again...

Take a look at the (ISC)2's certification policy:

one of the requirements is:

    - Successfully clear the audit of his/her experience assertions, if
            his/her file is selected for audit,

So we audit a certain amount of the recerts.  Say we audit 25% of recerts and
charge $250 for a recert (PMI charges $150, (ISC)2 doesn't appear to charge
anything but there is an $85/year 'maintenance fee').  This give LPI a budget
of $1,000 to perform each audit.  By using the local affiliate and local
alumni where we can, I think that LPI could handle this task.


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