Work experience as a recertification option [was Re: [lpi-discuss] Re: Linux Professional Institute changes Recertification Policy -- how does LPI "pay" for all your "wants"?]

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Tue Dec 5 14:50:37 EST 2006

"G. Matthew Rice" <matt at> wrote:
> So we audit a certain amount of the recerts.  Say we audit 25% of
> recerts and charge $250 for a recert (PMI charges $150, (ISC)2
> doesn't appear to charge anything but there is an $85/year
> 'maintenance fee').  This give LPI a budget of $1,000 to perform
> each audit.  By using the local affiliate and local alumni where
> we can, I think that LPI could handle this task.
> Doable?

Why not make it a certification _option_ to be "peer reviewed"?

Again, options, not forced requirements, are always good.
Sure, there will be people who bark at the costs involved.
But for those that _really_ care, they will pay.

I'd charge $2,000 for a 1-time, peer-review process.  That's in-line
with the costs (and resulting fees) involved in most state licensing
agencies on engineering, law or medicine.

Those who do it get another logo.  The record will state the date and
the level had attained when it was done.

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