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Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Tue Dec 5 18:36:50 EST 2006

I was avoiding talking about the exams in the last 3-4 months to keep
myself from inheriting stuff.  But in the interest of furthering a
real, technical discussion, and not so much meta-discussion, has
anyone considered making an "Executive Decision" on NFS in Exam 302?

The reason I bring this is up is because the OSDL has some excellent
testing information regarding on-going NFS v4:  

If I was going to make an "Executive Decision" on Exam 302, I
wouldn't deal with any legacy considerations.  Those were covered in
LPIC-1/2 to an extent.  I would move forward with the assumption that
any UNIX/Linux file server and UNIX/Linux client systems would be
running version 4 (NFSv4).

That drastically simplifies things.

You now have the newer, user-space support RPC services for both
authentication (GSSAPI) as well as mapping (IDMAP).  These concepts
work directly alongside similar Samba capabilities, and should be
introduced as it's often necessary to export data via both the SMB
and NFS network filesystem protocols.

We don't have to get deep into the NFSv4 ACE (Access Control Entries)
as we touch on Samba POSIX ACL (Access Control Lists) support to ACE
in Ext3 (or XFS for that matter).  Some of that is still in draft
IETF standards anyway -- i.e., NFSv4 ACE support is richer than what
POSIX ACLs support.

[ RE:  

But whatever we start addressing when it comes to authentication,
user mapping and, to a much lesser extent, ACLs/ACEs in Samba, we
need to at least either relate to another or include the respective
NFSv4 concept in the objective.  Because once we do that, we can
"interface" those concepts and objectives back to the network
authentication, naming, etc... exam -- namely Exam 301 for LDAP, PAM,

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