[lpi-discuss] My initial thoughts after looking at the exam list

Ryan McCain Ryan.McCain at dss.state.la.us
Tue Dec 5 18:36:38 EST 2006

2 sections I see left out all together are:

a) Optimizing Linux Performance
b) Advanced Linux Troubleshooting

A Linux enterprise admin spends 50% of his time on these 2 tasks

Heres my 2 cents after initially seeing the list:

1) I'm not sure I agree that Gnome desktop development is even within
the scope of LPIC-3.  If there is going to be desktop development, why
is it limited it to Gnome?  Why not include KDE?  Or at least a seperate
exam for KDE.

2) Combine LAMP with J2SEE and brand it as "Enterprise Development"

3) Combine HA Clustering with High Performance Clustering and brand it
as "Enterprise Clustering"

..You can see where I'm going.  If LPIC-C 3 is supposed to focus on the
"Enterprise", brand the exams "Enterprise".


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