[lpi-discuss] [LPI-News] Linux Professional Institute changes Recertification Policy

Dimitrios Bogiatzoules, LPI Product Developer taki at lpi.org
Wed Dec 6 13:14:28 EST 2006

Hi Karl,

Karl Schock said the following on 06.12.2006 09:30:
> please keep calm.

I always am...

>>> IMHO dropping from 10 to 5 makes it all worse in Germany...
>> Express *your* opinion and ...
> IMHO means "In *my* honest opinion".

AFAIK , IMHO stays for "in my humble opinion" ;-)

> Let me strike back: "Who can tell that and based on what facts?" and
> "I wouldn't trade with numbers that aren't based on hard facts.
> Please forward us any research results that prove these..."

I just told you and I based my statement on what I see often enough when
dealing with candidates that take exams... You did not get the message:
if someone takes the exams the way the majority does, the ACTIVE
certification period is longer than the 5 years, because it starts again
with each exam you pass.

> And IMHO it is ok to reach L1 and stop. Not everyone can/must reach
> for gold (so don't push all of us with changes in your certification
> policy).

I can't recall a statement where I demanded that all candidates must run
trough all levels.

Anyway, let us stop this never ending discussion. Although you prefered
not to answer me why anything will be worse in Germany, I believe you
made your point of view clear to me and, I hope, so did I mine.



PS. By removing and rearranging a lot of text when quoting me, you
altered too much, so that it looks like my advice "express *your*
opinion" was right after your IMHO. It was not. It is not polite to
quote me in a way that changes the meaning of my words...
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