[lpi-discuss] Re: BS' final comments on 'spam filters' -- Short version ...

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Wed Dec 13 10:40:45 EST 2006

Since some people here can't seem to gasp it, here's the short
version ...

Every single argument, _every_ one, I've seen made against Novell on
OpenOffice.org is _nothing_ we do _not_ already have an alleged "problem
with" because Sun already owns and releases OpenOffice.org with
countless alleged Microsoft IP, which Sun has had a broad-cross license
with Microsoft for almost 3 _years_.

So, I _dare_ anyone to challenge that!

Sorry Alan, but your comment ...
  "I haven't yet decided if we are in agreement or not"
     Has to make me question your judgement altogether.

This isn't about whether or not I can "convince you in e-mail" or not (I
fully admit I suck at convincing someone in e-mail -- far better in
print or in person), or whatever you think of me.  This is about Linux
advocates "waking up" to the fact that they are so rabidly focused on
Novell, they can't even put the _legal_realities_ into perspective.

And I _prime_ example of that that is this OpenOffice.org fork utter

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