[lpi-discuss] LPI Certifications Exceed 30,000 Worldwide

Scott Lamberton scottl at lpi.org
Thu Feb 9 07:10:25 EST 2006

Linux Professional Institute Certifications Exceed 30,000 Worldwide

(Toronto, Canada - February 9, 2006): The Linux Professional Institute
(LPI), (http://www.lpi.org), the world's premier Linux certification
organization announced that the number of LPI Certifications issued to
Linux professionals had exceeded 30,000 worldwide and continues to grow.

“This milestone clearly demonstrates the growing demand for a solid base
of highly skilled and certified Linux professionals.  It is also further
evidence of the value of a vendor-neutral Linux certification to the
enterprise environment where such a concrete demonstration of skills and
knowledge is a necessity," said Jim Lacey, President and CEO of the
Linux Professional Institute.  Mr. Lacey also noted that these numbers
were reflective of LPI's global reputation: "Undoubtedly this
achievement also demonstrates that our LPIC-1 is the industry
entry-level Linux certification worldwide.  More recently we have also
noted a rapidly growing interest and uptake of our LPIC-2 and we expect
impressive results from that certification level in the coming year,"
said Mr. Lacey.

LPI reported that LPIC-1 certifications were at a total of just over
27,200 while LPIC-2 certifications numbered over 4,830 for a grand total
of over 32,030 certifications issued to date.  In November, LPI
announced that it had delivered over 100,000 certification exams around
the world.

LPI offers a standardized, multi-national and highly respected program
to certify levels of individual expertise in Linux. Exams are created
using psychometric (the scientific study of testing) techniques to
develop high quality exams with direct relevance to the skills being
tested. LPI's certification program is delivered globally in seven
different languages with the support of employers, vendors and trainers.
Level One and Level Two certifications (LPIC-1 and LPIC-2) reflect the
successful completion of two exams at each level.

Daniel Guadalupe Huerta Santos of Leon, Mexico who was the 30,000th
person to be certified by LPI and received his LPIC-1 also noted the
importance of the LPI Certification: "I am responsible for IT security
for the City of Leon in Mexico.  The LPI Certification gives me a
certain level of confidence in my Linux knowledge and also ensures my
employers that I have the skills that will ensure our IT systems for the
municipality and its citizens are secure.  LPI's certification program
challenges the Linux professional in the core areas of Linux and
reflects expertise that crosses all versions of Linux.  This
vendor-neutral certification is important for security-related
challenges--one wants to be sure that decisions are based upon sound
skills and knowledge but are also not limited to one particular Linux
distribution or brand."

LPI will be making a public presentation to Daniel Guadalupe Huerta
Santos as the 30,000th LPI Certified Professional at the upcoming
LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in Mexico City on February 15, 2006.

José Carlos Gouveia, who was appointed LPI Area Operations Manager for
Latin America this last November was not surprised that the 30,000th
Certified Professional came from Latin America: "The reputation and
quality of the LPI Certification is known throughout Latin America.  A
vendor-neutral Linux certification which is recognized as a global
standard is important to many IT professionals in the region.  LPI has
noted for some time a growing interest in their certification program
throughout Latin America and I expect we will see great growth in the
popularity and demand for LPI certification in this region in 2006."

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is an internationally recognized,
vendor-independent organization advocating and assisting the
professional use of Linux, Open Source and Free Software, through the
certification of Linux professionals. Established as a non-profit
organization in 1999, LPI is community based and supported. LPI’s
certification program is delivered worldwide in seven languages and is
supported by an affiliate network spanning five continents.

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About Linux Professional Institute:

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) develops professional
certification for the Linux operating system, independent of software
vendors or training providers. Established as an international
non-profit organization in 1999 by the Linux community, LPI develops
accessible, internationally-recognized certification programs which have
earned the respect of vendors, employers and administrators. LPI's
activities involve hundreds of volunteers and professionals throughout
the world in many different capacities, and the group encourages active
public involvement through mailing lists and its website at www.lpi.org.
LPI's multi-level program of exams is administered globally through
Pearson VUE and Prometric testing centers. LPI's major financial
sponsors are Platinum Sponsors IBM, Linux Journal, Linux Magazine,
Maxspeed, Novell, SGI, and TurboLinux as well as Gold Sponsors,
Hewlett-Packard and IDG.

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