[lpi-discuss] Is www.lpiforums.com "the official Linux Professional Institute forums"?

ross brunson ross at brunson.org
Wed Mar 15 07:09:53 EST 2006

Huh?  How do you get that?  If you mean that his having question  
dumps on the site looks bad for the cert, well, not really, it just  
looks bad for that particular site.

LPI is strong and independent, unaffected by what happens with this  
site.  Besides, this sort of thing happens with every certification,  
as soon as people think they can just memorize questions and answers  
to get a coveted and difficult exam, then someone will try to make  
money or gain from that situation.

In some countries people are even lobbying to have a site where  
questions and answers are OPENLY discussed!  Madness!  Why not just  
SUE the certification body to have it award you the cert, take skill  
and initiative totally out of the equation....

This is just another sign, like those damn TestKings, that the cert  
is worth stealing or cheating on, and therefore you know it's value  
is continuing to rise in the marketplace.

Nothing will ever take the place of sitting down on a consistent  
basis with a couple of Linux boxen, all the books and manuals you can  
get ahold of, a web browser and some caffeine and just working your  
way through until you understand, then take a class, get your first  
Linux sysadmin job, read some more, volunteer at a non-profit, start  
a LUG group, do an Install-Fest, help your neighbor with his display  
or sound problems with Linux, rebuild the local Libraries public  
access workstations to use a LIveCD, etc. etc. etc.


On Mar 15, 2006, at 4:08 AM, Anand Sachdev wrote:

> dang......looks bad for the cert!!!!!!!
> On 3/15/06, Karl Schock <Karl.Schock at web.de> wrote: Am Montag, den  
> 13.03.2006, 11:57 -0500 schrieb Scott Lamberton:
> Hello,
> > He will nevertheless continue to provide this community service
> but at the moment it looks not very good. :-(
> See: www.lpiforums.com
> Bye
> Karl
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