[lpi-discuss] Is www.lpiforums.com "the official Linux Professional Institute forums"?

Alan McKinnon alan at linuxholdings.co.za
Wed Mar 15 09:36:21 EST 2006

On Wednesday 15 March 2006 14:09, ross brunson wrote:
> Huh?  How do you get that?  If you mean that his having question
> dumps on the site looks bad for the cert, well, not really, it just
> looks bad for that particular site.
> LPI is strong and independent, unaffected by what happens with this
> site.  Besides, this sort of thing happens with every
> certification, as soon as people think they can just memorize
> questions and answers to get a coveted and difficult exam, then
> someone will try to make money or gain from that situation.

Which is easily fixed by having a large item pool and rotating the 
exams often, like monthly.

> In some countries people are even lobbying to have a site where
> questions and answers are OPENLY discussed!  Madness!  Why not just
> SUE the certification body to have it award you the cert, take
> skill and initiative totally out of the equation....

Ah yes, this is symptomatic of the modern politically-correct, 
icky-feely, let's-not-offend-anyone, we're all equal and no-one is 
better than anyone else, standards are not important you only have to 
tryyyyyyyy your best, world we live in right?

> This is just another sign, like those damn TestKings, that the cert
> is worth stealing or cheating on, and therefore you know it's value
> is continuing to rise in the marketplace.
> Nothing will ever take the place of sitting down on a consistent
> basis with a couple of Linux boxen, all the books and manuals you
> can get ahold of, a web browser and some caffeine and just working
> your way through until you understand, then take a class, get your
> first Linux sysadmin job, read some more, volunteer at a
> non-profit, start a LUG group, do an Install-Fest, help your
> neighbor with his display or sound problems with Linux, rebuild the
> local Libraries public access workstations to use a LIveCD, etc.
> etc. etc.

That sounds familiar, I wonder why?

Oh wait... I guess that's how I did it

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