[lpi-discuss] LPI sets Standard Global Pricing Policy

Scott Lamberton scottl at lpi.org
Wed Mar 15 20:54:47 EST 2006

Linux Professional Institute sets Standard Global Pricing Policy

(Toronto, Canada - March 15, 2006): The Linux Professional Institute
(LPI), (http://www.lpi.org), a global non-profit corporation and the
world's premier Linux certification organization announced that it was
establishing a global "benchmark" exam price of $150 US effective
immediately.  However, in keeping with the organization's history and
tradition of local and regional responsiveness, this price would be
subject to regional variations as determined by long standing partner
and affiliate organizations.

Jim Lacey, President and CEO of LPI, explained this move was necessary
to normalize the price across the globe: "LPI has traditionally
empowered our affiliates to set our exam price which has led to
considerable variation in our price from region to region.  We have not
adjusted our world price since we first began offering exams in 2000
despite rising costs," explained Jim Lacey, President and CEO of LPI.
"Nevertheless, we have noted a strong rise in the value of our
certification globally which has been accompanied by increased
demands for product quality and accessibility.  Like Linux itself we
have successfully demonstrated our value within the professional IT
environment," said Mr. Lacey.

However, Mr. Lacey went on to explain that LPI would continue to be
responsive to the needs of local affiliates and partners who do the very
important work of promoting Linux professionalism: "Although customers
are demanding further product development and improvement we must also
continue to invest in the development of locally-based organizations
that are advancing Linux and Open Source professionalism."  As an
example, Mr. Lacey noted LPI-Japan which has over several years
successfully built a loyal, committed and dedicated community channel:
LPI-Japan will continue to offer LPI exams at 15,000 Yen or $137 US.

Long time Linux advocate and supporter of LPI, Jon "Maddog" Hall,
also acknowledged the revenue-sharing, open model of LPI: "LPI freely
publishes their course objectives, sample test questions and other
materials so people can learn to be good systems administrators.
However, LPI's certification should be viewed as a professional
certification that increases a person's earning power.  In view of that,
the change that LPI is suggesting is a reasonable one, taking into
consideration the regional adjustments.  It costs money to develop,
maintain and deliver a quality certification.  Acting on these needs, it
makes sense to establish a more formal and balanced pricing structure so
LPI can continue its efforts far into the future."

Thomson Prometric, a global testing partner  of LPI's, also noted that
the certification program's increasing popularity made it necessary to
develop local relationships to assist candidates with exam preparation
and testing procedures: "We have noted a recent strong uptake of LPI's
exams--a a signal that the market is placing increased value on this
certification.  Investments with leading local and national affiliates
that promote qualified training programs and exam preparation to
candidates is of significant value to LPI’s growing candidate base.”
said Alex Gray,  Executive Director, IT Market, Thomson Prometric.

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is an internationally recognized,
vendor-independent organization advocating and assisting the
professional use of Linux, Open Source and Free Software, through the
certification of Linux professionals. Established as a non-profit
organization in 1999, LPI is community based and supported. LPI’s
certification program is delivered worldwide in seven languages at over
7,000 testing locations and is supported by an affiliate network
spanning five continents.

Milestones of LPI in the last year include:
- over 100,000 exams delivered world wide
- over 30,000 professional certifications delivered world wide
- the world's first IT certification to receive professional
accreditation (http://www.lpi.org/en/news_item/126)
- top ten IT certification for two years in a row
- highest salary of certified Linux professionals

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About Linux Professional Institute:

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) develops professional
certification for the Linux operating system, independent of software
vendors or training providers. Established as an international
non-profit organization in 1999 by the Linux community, LPI develops
accessible, internationally-recognized certification programs which have
earned the respect of vendors, employers and administrators. LPI's
activities involve hundreds of volunteers and professionals throughout
the world in many different capacities, and the group encourages active
public involvement through mailing lists and its website at www.lpi.org.
LPI's multi-level program of exams is administered globally through
Thomson Prometric and Pearson VUE testing centers. LPI's major financial
sponsors are Platinum Sponsors IBM, Linux Journal, Linux Magazine,
Maxspeed, Novell, SGI, and TurboLinux as well as Gold Sponsors,
Hewlett-Packard and IDG.

Media contact:

Scott Lamberton
Director of Communications
Linux Professional Institute
Email: scottl_at_lpi.org
Web: http://www.lpi.org
Telephone: +1-416-666-1574

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