[lpi-discuss] [INFO] Vendor-independence "pays off"

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Sat Sep 16 14:29:53 EDT 2006

Torsten Scheck wrote:
> While the rising demand in application development is one explanation, David Foote, CEO and chief research officer of Foote Partners, also blames the vendor-driven certifications for a loss of certification recognition:

The certification world has had this phenomenon -- dependence on
vendor-specific certs -- for almost as long as IT certification has
existed. What Foote has failed to explain is why is the decline *now*.
What is bad about vendor-specific certs today that was not bad three
years ago? And let's not forget that most IT certs -- including the
vendor-neutral ones -- are designed to maximize their own sales,
offering further incentive to set the bar lower. This certainly plays a
part in the decline of respect.

In singling out vendor-neutral programs of interest, Foote noted PMI,
CISSP, ISACA, (ISC)2 and the SANS Institute -- even though LPI has been
on his radar for a while. CompTIA and Prosoft were listed as having both
hot and cold certifications.

But this omission may have nothing to do with LPI specifically. Indeed,
no current Linux cert (from LPI, Red Hat, Novell or CompTIA) was
mentioned at all. Maybe this has more to do with the Linux sysadmin
field than anything to do with the certs themselves; general and
sysadmin certs were shown to be the coldest of the categories surveyed.

Most interesting to me was the very last line of the Foote press
release, including Linux in a list of "skills to watch", but (unlike
most other entries in the list) not associating that potential to _any_

- Evan

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