[lpi-discuss] Failure rates at LPI exams

Karl Schock Karl.Schock at web.de
Fri Apr 13 04:31:18 EDT 2007

Hello Giannis,

> Can LPI make any exam success/failure rates publicly available?

I also think that this would be a good idea to strengthen the ties
between the LPI and its customers.

> I've seen some numbers floating around, like
> http://www.certmag.com/issues/oct02/dept_insidecert.cfm, but I really
> doubt their accuracy, since they don't to seem to come from an
> authorized source.

As far as I know Evan Leibovitch was the president of the LPI
in 2002. So in this case the number comes from "an authorized source".

Just to float another number: IMHO the passing rate is 66% and at
least I am convinced that this figure I once computed(*) is accurate
even though I am far away from being an authorized source. ;-)


(*) In August 2006 for example the LPI published to have delivered
120.000 exams and 35.000 certifications.
See http://list.lpi.org/pipermail/lpi-discuss/2006-August/002523.html
1 certification stands for 2 passed exams. So the passing rate can not
be less than 58%.

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