[lpi-discuss] LPI 101 exam patter

Anselm Lingnau anselm.lingnau at linupfront.de
Sun Apr 29 17:42:29 EDT 2007

krishnamoorthy N wrote:

> I am sorry to disturb you guys. Still I am not able to get the exam pattern
> of LPI 101 and 102 from anywhere.

What's wrong with looking at http://www.lpi.org , particularly the FAQ 

> 1. What is the time duration of the each exam?

90 minutes, usually, unless they get you to answer additional new questions 
for calibration, which do not count towards your exam result, in which case 
the exam will be two hours long.

> 2. How many questions will be asked in each exam?

70 or so, again unless you get to answer additional questions for calibration.

> 3. What is the passing criterion in each exam? (Minimum How many questions
> i need to answer correctly?)

This is difficult to say exactly, since the questions are scored on a variable 
scale, which in addition varies between exams and between issues of the same 
exam, but roughly speaking if you get somewhat more than half of them right 
you ought to be be fine.

Note that the point of an LPIC exam is to establish that you have some 
experience administering Linux. The LPI needs to set a passing score that

(a) is significantly higher than could (statistically) be obtained by
    randomly guessing answers (because otherwise the exam would do nothing for
    distinguishing people with Linux experience from common or garden-variety
    morons), and

(b) is not so high that it can only be obtained by memorising lots and lots of
    insignificant trivia that have nothing to do with the actual practice of
    doing Linux sysadmin work, and that any sane person would look up in the
    manual, anyway (since that would create the general impression that the
    exam was something along the lines of a pointless trivia game [*], which
    would restrict the exam audience to Linux anoraks, i.e., make the exam
    insignificant as far as the real world was concerned).

The LPI takes lots of pains to tweak the question scores and the passing 
threshold such that about 50% of candidates ought to fail, which looks 
reasonable in light of the preceding points and the idea that a certificate 
like LPIC should not be sold »too cheaply«. In reality, the pass rates may be 
somewhat higher (reflecting the fact that people do swot for the exams) but 
the LPI, for whatever reason, does not publish hard data about this.


[*] In point of fact, many people out there appear to believe exactly that.
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