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Linux Professional Institute Launches LPIC-3 Certification Program

(Toronto, Canada and Tokyo, Japan: February 1, 2007) The Linux
Professional Institute (LPI), (http://www.lpi.org) the world's premier
Linux certification organization and its affiliate LPI-Japan
(http://www.lpi.or.jp) jointly launched the LPIC-3 certification
program.  LPIC-3 represents the highest level of  distribution-neutral
Linux certification within the industry and is targeted at Linux
professionals providing IT services at the enterprise level.  The
certification consists of a single exam (LPI-301) and additional
specialty certifications.

During the launch of the new certification program, Jim Lacey, President
and CEO of LPI, recognized the substantial contribution of its partner
LPI-Japan: "LPI-Japan brought significant resources to the table in the
creation of this program. In particular, they were responsible for
ensuring the involvement, counsel and strategic advice of key technical
and business individuals from amongst the world's most highly respected
and recognized IT companies. This input and other necessary investments
helped to make this program possible." Mr. Lacey also noted the highly
innovative and transparent nature of the program's exam development
process which involved 300+ Linux professionals from around the world:
"We also wish to thank the numerous senior IT professionals who
volunteered their time to ensure the industry's best interests were
represented throughout our Job Tasks Analysis, exam question creation,
and beta-testing of the LPIC-3 exams."

Gen Narui, Chairman of LPI-Japan, noted that there was substantial
demand within enterprise for this high level certification in ratifying
employee skills: "This certification level will assist organizations in
their investments in training and human resources programs: it will
demonstrate significant and professional enterprise level skills in
Linux particularly for those companies that have a substantial customer
base in Linux services."  Mr. Narui also expressed gratitude to the
assistance of such Platinum sponsors of LPI-Japan as NEC, Fujitsu, and
Hitachi in providing technical input into the development of the
certification program.  He also noted that corporate sponsors of
LPI-Japan, such as SGI, had endorsed the certification.

The LPIC-3 certification program consists of a single "core" exam (LPI
301) which focuses on skills in authentication, troubleshooting, network
integration and capacity planning.  This "core" certification can be
supplemented by additional "specialty" certifications: the first
"specialty" certification will be LPI-302 "Mixed Environments".  Other
proposed "specialty" certifications include Security, High Availability
and Virtualization, Web and Intranet, and Mail and Messaging.  Detailed
information on the LPIC-3 program, exam objectives, tasks and sample
questions can be found at http://www.lpi.org/lpic-3.  Both the LPI 301
and 302 exam are available worldwide in English and in Japanese (in
Japan only) at Prometric and VUE testing centres.  The LPIC-3 exam (301)
is priced at $250 US in most jurisdictions and at 30,000 Yen in Japan. 
However, local affiliates may provide special introductory pricing. 
Exam candidates are advised to contact their local affiliate or testing
centre for pricing details.  The LPI-302 exam is $150 US worldwide and
20,000 Yen in Japan.

Industry representatives from around the world were supportive of the
new certification program and noted that it represented the growing need
for proven professional Linux skills in the marketplace:


"Fujitsu Limited welcomes the launch of LPI's Level 3 exams. LPIC-3 is
positioned as the highest level of LPIC certification and validates
advanced IT engineering skills on Linux. We also look forward to LPI's
additional specialty certifications which will be able to quantitatively
measure individual skills in specific Linux technologies."

- Takeshi Kamura, Manager, Linux Software Development Division, Server
Systems Unit, Fujitsu Limited


"Linux has become an unstoppable force in the enterprise market and with
its new certification program, LPI is raising the bar for excellence for
Linux training. With its vendor-neutral approach to Linux training and
certification, LPI is helping Linux professionals support the strong
industry demand for high quality enterprise-level skills.  Developers
will be able to attain a set of LPI tutorials, learn the basics about
Linux, and prepare for LPI certification through IBM developerWorks."

- Jeff Smith, Vice-President, Linux and Open Source Middleware, IBM.


"Miracle Linux welcomes the launch of LPI's Level 3 exams: the highest
level of professional Linux certification available from LPI.  For
Miracle Linux this represents the growing need of Linux engineers that
have an advanced knowledge of all Linux distributions. This will assist
the growing adoption of Linux technology."

- Masahiko Nakano, Senior Manager, Sales Marketing Department, Miracle
Linux Corporation


"LPIC Level 3 certifications will ensure that there are qualified IT
engineers who are able to support
the world wide growth of Linux and Open Source."

- Chieko Takahashi, Senior Manager, Open Source Software Promotion
Center, Computers Software Operations Unit, NEC Corporation


"Novell has always supported LPI's dedication to the development of
Linux professionals. We believe in offering our customers and partners
the best set of choices for raising their Linux IQ, and we're in full
support of LPIC-3 as the next step for professionals who have achieved
their Novell CLP and Novell CLE certification credentials."

- Jorge A. Chacón, Director, Latin America Field Marketing, Novell


"Pearson VUE is pleased to offer LPI's new LPIC-3 certification program
throughout our global network of more than 4000 Pearson VUE(r)
Authorized Test Centers. LPI's development and release of this top
certification tier for Linux Enterprise professionals exhibits their
continued dedication to growing the Linux community. This new
certification program joins other high-level IT certifications in
helping companies better manage their enterprise systems."

- Randy Trask, Vice President Market Development, Pearson Vue Testing


"I've never seen a Linux vendor really emphasize the practical skills
that LPI now demands with its Level 3 exams. With Levels 1 and 2, LPI
set the standard for entry-level and intermediate-level knowledge.  With
Level 3, LPI is showing that it knows the enterprise. LPI has done more
than just create challenging exams. They've shown that Linux and open
source has grown up, and is the preferred enterprise solution.

- James Stanger, Chief Certification Architect, Prosoft Learning


"Requirements for the security and reliability of computer networks are
increasing and Linux performs a decisive role in this respect.
Consequently the qualification levels and measurable skills of IT
professionals must also increase. The LPIC-3 certification program hits
the spot for this challenge."

- Dr. Elmar Ziegler, Member of the Managing Board, Siemens Technik Akademie


"Prometric extends its congratulations to LPI for the creation of
LPIC-3.  We look forward to supporting this effort through providing
these enterprise-level exams through our worldwide network of testing

-Alex Gray, Associate Vice President, IT Sales, Thomson Prometric

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is globally supported by the IT
industry, enterprise and professionals and within government and the
educational community. LPI's certification program is delivered
worldwide in multiple languages at over 7,000 testing locations and is
supported by an affiliate network spanning five continents. Since the
program's inception, LPI has delivered over 135,000+ exams and 40,000+
LPIC certifications around the world.

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About Linux Professional Institute:

The Linux Professional Institute promotes and certifies essential skills
on Linux and Open Source technologies through the global delivery of
comprehensive, top quality, vendor-independent exams. Established as an
international non-profit organization in 1999 by the Linux community,
the Linux Professional Institute seeks to become recognized as the
global leader in the certification of Linux professionals while
advancing the Linux and Open Source movement through strategic partners,
sponsorships, innovative programs and community development activities.
LPI's major financial sponsors are Platinum Sponsors IBM, Linux Journal,
Linux Magazine, Novell, SGI, and TurboLinux as well as Gold Sponsors,
Hewlett-Packard and IDG.

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