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Dear LPI Professionals, friends and supporters:


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Linux Professional Institute I
would like to extend our best wishes for the coming year to all our alumni,
candidates, volunteers, staff, affiliates, partners and sponsors.  All of
you were instrumental in ensuring the ongoing success of LPI in 2006. We
look forward to greater achievements in 2007.


2006 was a pivotal year for LPI as we focused on restructuring for success.
In that context, I invite you to consider some of the notable changes LPI
underwent and welcome your participation in heightening our growth in 2007.


Under the guidance of our Board of Directors, LPI set out in 2006 with a
concise strategy of stability, innovation and growth: stability for the
organization and the Linux certification industry as a whole, program
innovation internally and within the IT landscape, and finally, growth of
our global support infrastructure, Linux professionalism and the adoption of
Open Source Software.


These were by no means simple challenges.  They required exceptional
sacrifice, both personally and organizationally. To guide us on our road to
success we created a Strategy Map and realigned our mission and vision. 


Our first step was to establish a stable platform for the continued
development of professional Linux certification with enterprise and
community cooperation. We made commitments to our customers, vendors,
sponsors, and others that our certification program would grow in strength,
viability and output.  In the last year, we have seen more objective
development, item rotation, and exam development--the day-to-day business of
certification--than in any other year in LPI's history.  We renewed our
LPIC-2 program, created a new Linux certification program--the Ubuntu
Certified Professional, and finally with the help of hundreds of Linux
experts, developed the highest level of Linux professional expertise for the
industry: LPIC-3.  I invite you all to participate in the announcement of
LPIC-3 later this month!


To further promote our larger agenda of stability within the IT industry, we
established LPI as the world's leading professional Linux certification.
This required the recognition of LPIC-1 as the global benchmark, or
standard, for all those entering or migrating toward baseline Linux skills
measurement. In essence, "Linux certification starts here".  There is much
that demonstrates our progress on this front--however larger industry
stability is not something that LPI can achieve alone--we will continue our
vigilance in identifying new partners who share with us a common goal.


Additionally, the challenge of "Innovation" was readily embraced by staff,
volunteers, vendors and affiliates in 2006.  We developed new ways to
demonstrate efficiency and quality of service.  As an example, the
reorganization of our product development team created an environment where
productivity and innovation flourished. New initiatives were readily
embraced such as a "tiger team" of experts, a Technical Advisory Committee,
and a transparent, global "beta-testing" approach to our new LPIC-3


Innovation also guided our business development work.  We developed a
Regional Enablement Initiative (REI) which recruited new and talented
affiliate leadership, improved revenue-sharing with partners and set
concrete goals to drive regional growth. Additionally, we improved our
operational procedures, expanded our training partner programs, diversified
our business services and created an employment program for our alumni.  It
might be argued that as "necessity is the mother of invention" LPI came by
innovation naturally.  However, the enthusiasm in which LPI embraced
innovation this last year was hardly natural--but rather, inspired.


In 2007, we are now well positioned to expand on the base we created this
past year.  LPI stands behind the theory that the growth of Linux
professionalism will lead to greater adoption and confidence in Open Source
Software.  I invite you all to join with us to achieve this goal.


My greatest gratitude goes out to all that made 2006 a notable year for LPI.
I look forward to our continued success in 2007.








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Linux Professional Institute
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